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Analyses and Comprehensive Data Packages adapted to your individual needs

Wind Turbine Database

Accurate locations, a comprehensive selection of plant types and detailed operator information

Our continuously updated database includes all wind turbines in Germany. To ensure the completeness, topicality and quality of our wind turbine data, we have established a reliable process.
We provide the entire database as well as selected parts as Excel or CSV files and as ESRI shapefiles. In addition, we offer an API connection for direct integration of the data into your IT infrastructure. Choose between one-time purchase and subscriptions with a price advantage to receive regular updates of the wind turbine data.

Site Analyses and White Area Mapping

Are certain areas suitable for expansion with renewable energies and what is the quality of these areas?

Answers to these questions are provided by our always comprehensive and versatile analyses. Based on our site-specific data, we identify new land potentials across Germany with well over 100 different land restrictions. By applying our GIS-based software, we conduct analyses of areas in any size and thus offer our customers support for the planning and preparation of their projects. Taking into account region-specific specifications, our analyses are unique and adapt – through the flexibly structured logic – to individual requirements and expectations.

Repowering Potentials

Precise predictions by combining wind turbine data and analyses.

We perform rapid macroscopic analyses for individual areas, entire regions or even federal states. We focus on the evaluation of the existing conditions at the site and the possibilities of repowering. An essential part of the assessment is the current legal distance regulations at state, regional and federal level.
By intersecting white areas and existing turbines, we make targeted assessments of wind turbines and in this way identify turbines with high repowering potential.

Wind and Energy Yield Simulation

Query our simulations in direct connection with wind turbine data and operator information

When planning a wind farm, but also before erecting individual new wind turbines, knowledge about the wind accessibility and the possible energy yield at the corresponding location plays an important role. The collection of this data can prove to be very time-consuming and complex when planning large projects. Based on our extensive wind turbine data and our geoinformation system Nefino LI, we perform simulations of wind accessibility and energy yield potential for arbitrary areas.
Our database thus not only contains the relevant data of all wind turbines in Germany, but also provides information on wind accessibility as well as energy yield at the respective location of existing wind turbines and other arbitrary sites.

Dismantling Costs Forecast

Good planning of after-use strategies for wind turbines requires forecasts of dismantling costs that are as precise as possible

For all after-use strategies of wind turbines, these or parts of them have to be dismantled. In the context of this, the most accurate possible forecast of the accruing dismantling costs plays an important role. On the basis of plant characteristics and quantity structures, we carry out calculations of recycling revenues as well as dismantling and disposal costs. The comparison of our cost forecasts with known, actually incurred dismantling costs offers us the possibility to continuously improve the precision of our dismantling cost forecast models.