Area analyses

Detailed GIS analyses for new wind and solar parks

How we find the greatest potentials

Since the cabinet’s decision on the Easter package and the Bundestag’s decision on the Wind Land Requirements Act, these questions are probably being asked by more stakeholders than ever before – whether you are a planning authority, project developer or parcel owner, we can find out for you with our land analyses.

For more than a decade, we have been dealing with the question of the right digital tools for accelerating the energy transition. In Germany in particular, we have found time and again that the greatest challenges lie in the lack of available land and the slow approval processes for wind energy and photovoltaic ground-mounted systems.

For this reason, we specialised very early on in the identification and evaluation of new land potential for wind and solar parks and built our own geographic information system (GIS) for this purpose.

Mit Nefinos Flächenanalysen neue Potenziale für Wind- und Solarparks in Deutschland und Frankreich finden

Today, we are very proud of the fact that with our unique geodata we are able to find new potential areas for wind energy and photovoltaic ground-mounted systems with the highest precision. With far more than 100 restriction and favourability criteria for wind and solar energy, which we can include and evaluate site-specifically, we guarantee our customers efficient land securing and project development.

Taking into account region-specific requirements, our analyses are unique and – thanks to the flexibly structured logic – adapt to individual requirements and expectations. With our high-performance software solution, we can also carry out detailed land potential analyses in study areas of any size, thus supporting the realisation of legally secure planning and helping to accelerate approval processes.

Let’s find the best areas for new wind and solar parks together and give the energy transition a real boost!

Energy generation without competing for space? We analyse the best locations for special solar systems such as agri-, floating, moorland and car park PV for you. For further information on the analyses and backgrounds of the individual solar systems, please follow the button!


We always adapt our analyses individually for you and, together with you, create a service package that precisely meets your requirements. Accordingly, the pricing is also individually oriented to your needs. In addition to the size of the area to be analysed, the level of detail to be applied also plays a decisive role. Often, a cost-efficient initial assessment is sufficient before identified potentials have to be examined in detail in a second step.

Please contact our sales department – together we will find a solution that is tailored to your needs in terms of content and price!

Selected use cases of our GIS analyses

Securing land

Increase the efficiency and accuracy of your area protection!

As a project developer, it is of course your greatest concern to secure a large number of new potential sites for wind and solar parks at an early stage, taking into account the unprecedented expansion targets in Germany. At the same time, however, you are faced with the challenge of far too few human resources for securing land. With our GIS, we can screen areas of different sizes for you precisely and at the same time efficiently, identify potential sites, evaluate them taking into account restriction and favourability criteria, and find exactly those sites that have the highest probability of realisation.

Our service spectrum ranges from the initial examination of large study areas, such as entire planning regions, to the detailed examination of individual potential areas, to the identification of the owners of the parcels to be secured at the land registry offices. With our support, you focus your land protection on the most suitable areas and provide your land protectors with an information package that not only impresses the land owners, but also convinces the relevant planning authorities.

Area tender

Identify potential for renewable energies on your own land with us and let us find the most suitable project developer for you together!

As the owner of one or more parcels of land in Germany, you have a great interest in making your own contribution to the success of the energy transition by leasing or selling them to a project developer. In the first step, you are naturally interested in whether your own land is suitable for renewable technology, and if so, for what kind of technology. With our expertise and our geodata, we can find out for you – the only thing you need to provide us with is information on your land parcels (district, parcel).

We will also be happy to provide you with further information on your land potential, e.g. the expected energy yields, the achievable lease or sales volume and our assessment of the likelihood of a project being realised on your land. If, after our analysis, you decide in favour of a lease or sales model, we will be happy to organise a call for tenders among long-established project developers from our broad network. In the sense of a beauty contest, you can then be convinced by the different concepts of the project developers and, if desired, find the partner that best suits you with our support.

Area designation

Uncover the green power potentials in your planning area and lay the foundation for a legally secure designation of areas!

As a planning authority – whether as a municipality or planning region – you are obliged or see yourself obliged to realise new potentials for wind and solar parks through an orderly, structured and well-founded identification and selection of areas in your planning area. For this purpose, you urgently need support in designing balanced regulatory framework conditions that simultaneously make the desired expansion possible and equally take into account all spatial resistances.

With our GIS, we can analyse various scenarios of the regulatory framework conditions for your planning area in just a few steps and thus support you both in the preparation of photovoltaic siting concepts and in the preparation of new land use plans for the designation of wind energy areas. The scenarios greatly facilitate the necessary consideration process and make it explainable on the basis of figures. At the regional planning level, our GIS is also capable of examining large study areas with high performance and precision, so that we can also support regional planning authorities on the often rocky road to a legally secure designation of priority areas for wind energy or reserved areas for photovoltaics.

Politics and association work

Check your political demands for the expansion of wind and solar energy with us and create trust and acceptance through data and facts!

As an association or political decision-maker, you are involved in setting the regulatory framework for the expansion of renewable energies in Germany. You are particularly interested in how changes in the framework conditions affect the potential areas for new solar and wind energy plants. Our geo-information system is made for this purpose. It is explicitly designed to be able to efficiently and at the same time precisely examine particularly large study areas with regard to their land potential. This gives us the opportunity to map changes in the regulatory framework in different scenarios and make them comparable.

True to our high scientific standards, we can thus explicitly show you which effects result from your political demands or under which regulatory framework conditions your political demands are achievable. Equipped with these data and facts, you can create trust and acceptance for your political demands, always provided, of course, that our results also underline their justification.

Decarbonisation of the industry

Electrify your energy-intensive processes with us and make your company fit for the future by switching to green electricity!

As an energy-intensive company, you feel more strongly than ever that you need to decarbonise as soon as possible in order to be robustly positioned for the challenges of current and future energy procurement. For this purpose, you are looking for new potential areas for wind and solar energy plants on your own premises or in the immediate vicinity of your operating sites, which could feed green electricity directly into your processes in the future.

We support you on your way to decarbonisation by finding precisely this potential for you. With our geo-information system, we examine your business locations as well as site and neighbouring communities, prioritise technologies and identified areas and provide you with all the information you need to efficiently turn the potentials into reality.

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