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Why Nefino.LI News?

The governing coalition of the SPD, the Greens and the FDP has set itself ambitious goals for the expansion of renewable energies in Germany. It has set itself the goal of doubling electricity generation from renewable energies by 2030. Wind and solar energy are by far the most important pillars.

According to the Easter Package, more than 215 GW of photovoltaic capacity are to be installed by 2030. The expansion is to be divided equally between rooftop and ground-mounted systems. In addition, the new Wind Area Requirements Act is to set binding area targets for the federal states, leading to a designation of 2% of the state’s area for wind energy by 2032.

By comparison: at the end of 2021, only about 60 GW of photovoltaic capacity was on the grid in Germany and only about 0.5% of the state area was actually available for wind energy.

The regional planning authorities, which are responsible at the various levels for designating the necessary areas for wind energy and open-space photovoltaic plants, will thus face enormous challenges in the next ten years. At the same time, unprecedented potential is opening up for project developers of wind and solar parks who are already active in the German market or who want to enter the market.

The most important prerequisite for a project developer to actually be able to extensively exploit the enormous market potential in the future is to secure land as early, efficiently and purposefully as possible. As a project developer, you will be particularly successful if you focus your personnel resources, which are currently extremely scarce, especially in securing land, on the most promising areas today.

Whether an area can be classified as promising for the future development of a solar or wind farm depends largely on two factors:

On the one hand, the willingness of the relevant planning authorities in the planning area to actually provide new areas for open-space wind energy and photovoltaic plants, and on the other hand, of course, the spatial planning suitability of the areas to be explicitly secured. We will be happy to check the latter for you as part of the “area analysis” service package or provide you with data and tools for an independent spatial planning assessment of an area with our Nefino.LI Geo software solution.

In turn, we track the readiness of a planning authority for the designation of new areas for wind energy and photovoltaic ground-mounted systems on a weekly basis in our web-based software solution Nefino.LI News. In addition, we regularly present our users with upcoming or ongoing tenders from land owners for future wind and photovoltaic projects in the solution.

Take your area protection to the next level with Nefino.LI News by focusing on the really promising areas early on!

Use Nefino.LI News for various use cases

Securing land

With Nefino.LI News you will never miss a promising tender in the future!

As a project developer, you are interested in securing potential sites for wind farms and solar parks. We track tenders from land owners throughout Germany for the lease or purchase of land for the development of renewable energies. With Nefino.LI News you will never miss a promising tender again, regardless of whether it is initiated by a private or public land owner.

As a project developer, you are interested in securing future priority or special areas for wind energy and photovoltaic ground-mounted systems. We track the latest developments in the designation of sites by planning authorities at all levels – from local authorities to the federal government – for you on a weekly basis and throughout Germany. With our news ticker, you will always know at an early stage about the latest planning intentions of spatial planning authorities – whether it is the announcement of a new regional planning for priority areas for wind or the decision of a local council to commission an overall spatial location concept for photovoltaics.

Nefino.LI News is your way to efficient land protection. In the future, always be on the spot early and in a targeted manner where the designation of new land potential is imminent!

Mit Nefino.LI News verpassen Sie in Zukunft keine vielversprechende Ausschreibung mehr!

Project development

Project development does not end with land securing – it begins with it! With Nefino.LI News you are therefore always informed about the status of the land designation even after securing!

As a project developer, you are responsible for the development of a large number of already secured sites and must always be aware of the status of site designation by the relevant planning authorities. We track the current status of land designation for you on a weekly basis and throughout Germany – from the decision of a local council on a land use plan for wind energy to the opening of a participation procedure for the redrafting of a regional plan for reserved areas for solar energy.

Through the intuitive definition of favoured planning authorities in Nefino.LI News, you always maintain a systematic overview of the multitude of your projects and can plan tasks, events and appointments in a targeted manner.

Our approach

We automatically and continuously collect a large amount of newspaper articles and web content for you in the context of wind and solar energy in Germany.
From this pool, our software suggests the most relevant news in the context of land protection and project development based on rules.
The following are regular examples of such news:

  • Example 1: A local newspaper reports on the decision of a municipal council to draw up a site concept for photovoltaics.
  • Example 2: A regional planning authority publishes on its own website new planning intentions for the preparation of a regional spatial planning programme for the designation of priority areas for wind energy.
  • Example 3: The state forests of a federal state publish a call for tenders for their own areas for the development of wind energy plants on their own website.
  • Example 4: A joint municipality announces on its own website a public participation on the new draft of a land use plan for the designation of special areas for wind energy.

Once a week, our experts evaluate all suggested news items for you and summarise them in headlines and with a spatial allocation.

On the evening of the first working day of each week, the news of the previous week is made available to you in the web-based software solution Nefino.LI News. In addition, all news from the past are systematically stored in the software solution and can be viewed.

If a change in the status of a planning authority’s land use designation should result from a news item, our experts check this information and, in the case of a positive assessment, carry out a status update in the web-based software solution.

Our software solution also enables the clear presentation of all news as a heat map and offers a variety of filter options as well as an intuitive setting of favourites.

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