Wind turbine databse

From location to operator information to settlement distances

Why our database is exactly the right one

With our wind turbine database, we provide you with all the current information on Germany’s more than 30,000 wind turbines. In addition to location and turbine type, our extensive database also contains various operator information. We attach great importance to the completeness, topicality and quality of our database.

Based on our extensive wind turbine database, which we have been building up since 2015, we have established a reliable process for the continuous maintenance of our database. Based on this process, we expand and update the wind turbine data and prepare it with additional information so that we can offer you all useful turbine information at a glance.

Alle Windenergieanlagen Deutschlands und Frankreichs in einer Datenbank.

Our offers

Adapted to your wishes and needs, we offer you two packages of our wind turbine database as well as individual analyses based on our wind turbine data:

Purchase (one time only)

  • Wind turbines with associated information
  • Provision as Excel or CSV file
  • Complete database

8.950 €

Purchase + Update

  • Wind turbines with associated information
  • Provision as Excel or CSV file
  • Complete database
  • 24 months quarterly updates of wind turbine inventory and associated data

8.950 €
plus 1.950 € p.a.

individual package

  • Specially created analyses (based on) wind turbine data
    • Large-scale white space analyses
    • Continued operation potentials
    • Repowering potential
  • Provision according to your requirements

Price on request*

* Beispiel: WEA mit Mindestabstand zur Wohnbebauung im Innenbereich von 1.000 m in den Bundesländern NW, NI, ST: 4.350 € und Updates (optional) 950 € p. a.

Advantages of our WEA database


We continuously reconcile our wind turbine data with the wind turbine inventory of the market master data register. We regularly import reports from the market master data register, in particular to include newly erected wind turbines in our data.

In this way, we guarantee you an almost complete wind turbine database at all times!


Our wind turbine database is continuously updated!

We regularly update our database based on our own research and data provided by partner companies. In this way, we continuously include new data in our wind turbine data, for example on accident cases or the dismantling of old wind turbines.


By manually checking the imported data, we ensure the accuracy of all our data. In addition, we guarantee the high quality of our wind turbine data by visually comparing our data with satellite images.

For this purpose, we have implemented our own software that summarises turbine information as well as historical and current satellite images for any wind turbine at a glance and enables us to enter corrections quickly and easily.


Our wind turbine database is highly customisable. Numerous extensions and filter options provide you with information tailored precisely to your needs. The database can be enriched with a number of market-relevant criteria such as height restrictions, settlement distance and operating company.

For example, you can quickly and easily find answers to the following questions:

  • Which wind turbines are located in current or future priority areas?
  • At which locations do aviation restrictions make repowering difficult?
  • Which wind turbines meet a minimum distance to residential areas in the interior (e.g. 1000 m)?
  • and much more.

You receive an individually adapted data set and can thus focus precisely on the potentials that are of interest to you!

Order today!

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