Wind Turbine Data

From Location and Wind Turbine Type to Operator Information

Why our database perfectly suits your needs

With our wind turbine database, we provide you with all the latest information from over 30.000 wind turbines in Germany. In addition to location and turbine type, our extensive database also includes various operator information. In doing so, we attach great importance to the completeness, topicality and quality of our database.

Based on our large wind turbine database, which we have been building since 2015, we have established a reliable process for the continuous maintenance of our database. We expand and update the wind turbine data and prepare it with additional information so that we can offer you all useful turbine info at a glance.


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We continuously synchronize our wind turbine data with the wind turbine inventory of the market master data register. Reports from the market master data register are regularly imported into our database, in particular to include newly constructed wind turbines in our data.
In this way, we can guarantee you an almost complete wind turbine database at all times.


Our wind turbine database is continuously updated. We regularly keep our database up-to-date on the basis of our own research and data provided by partner companies. In that way, we continuously include new data in our database, e.g. on accidents or on the dismantling of old wind turbines.


By manually checking the imported data, we verify the accuracy of all of our data. In addition, we guarantee the high quality by visually comparing our data with satellite images.
For this purpose we have implemented our own software, which brings together turbine information as well as historical and current satellite images for any wind turbine at a single glance and allows us to quickly and easily make corrections.

Our Products

Adapted to your wishes and needs, we offer two packages of our wind turbine database and analyses based on our wind turbine data:


  • Wind turbines with associated information
  • Provided as Excel or CSV file
    • Complete dadtabase
    • Partial data set*

8.950 €

Purchase + Update

  • Wind turbines with associated informationProvided as Excel or CSV file
    • Complete database
    • Partial data set*
  • 24 months quarterly updates of wind turbine inventory and associated data

8.950 €
plus 1.950 € p.a.


  • Customized analyses based on wind turbine data
    • Large-scale site analyses and white area mapping
    • Continued operation potential
    • Repowering potentials
  • Provided according to your requirements


* Parts of the database (geographical) can be freely selected

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